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The Many Benefits of Divorce Mediation, by Gary Gahan

Approximately 50 percent of marriages in the United States end in divorce. In many of these cases, ex-spouses wind up bitter and low on funds, with children caught in the middle of a long and stressful proceeding. Divorce mediation provides couples with a healthier, collaborative alternative to the adversarial, sometimes lengthy, and often expensive method of going through the courts.

In mediation, clients’ lawyers do not battle one another for control of the assets or the upper hand in child custody. Instead, professional mediators provide a civil arena where soon-to-be divorcees can come to mutually beneficial decisions. Impartial mediators are trained to handle a number of complex issues related to divorce, including taxes, child support, property distribution, and other factors, while providing all parties with cost savings, control, and a high level of privacy. In addition, mediators are familiar with the laws of their state and may be able to file legally binding divorce paperwork.

About the Author:

A divorce mediator in Merrimack, New Hampshire, Gary Gahan was educated at Southern New Hampshire University and Purdue University. Prior to his mediation training, Mr. Gahan was a business management and financial services expert for nearly three decades.

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