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The Origin of the 9/12 Project and What it Means for Conservative Voters By Gary Gahan

October 19, 2012 Leave a comment

The 9/12 Project, sometimes known by sub-project names such as 912 Liberty Action Groups or 912 Patriots for Action, was initially launched by political activist and educator Glenn Beck as an effort to revive the strong sentiment Americans felt on the day after the September 11 terrorist attacks, and redirect it towards political action. The basic tenets of 9/12 are 9 principles and 12 values, some originally penned by George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. The 9/12 movement has branched out into smaller yet significant efforts in states such as New Hampshire, and the citizens who embrace it generally consider themselves constitutional conservatives. Included among the growing list of 9/12 Liberty candidates are Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum, Frank Giunta, Ovide Lamontagne, and Kelly Ayotte.

About the Author: Gary Gahan, a trained divorce mediation professional and member of the New Hampshire Conflict Resolution Association, supports a number of conservative political issues and candidates. He contributes as a member of 912 Liberty Action in New Hampshire, and has actively supported candidates Frank Giunta, Rick Santorum, Kelly Ayotte, Ovide Lamontagne, and others in their Congressional and state campaigns.